Happy 52nd Anniversary to JAMAICA Independence

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[jwplayer mediaid=”39777″] Happy 52nd Anniversary to JAMAICA Independence, you taught me a lot about morals, values and religion. I love our culture, food, music and the beautiful people. When I went to JA, my mother wanted me to see its true beauty not just the country side; such as Montego Bay but in Kingston where she and my father grew up. Kingston 11, Water House to be exact, it is the Ghetto but I have nothing but the utmost respect for it. When I have children I would love for them to know more about their Jamaican heritage. I would also like to buy a house in JA, by the beach.... 

The Chronicles Of Becoming A Model

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Feature Image Photo credit LipstickAlley   I always have females writing me and asking, “How do I become a Model? So I am writing this Blog to answer all your questions. I call this “The Chronicles Of Becoming A Model” share it!!!! ( Facebook | Pinterest !) (Difference from being an amateur model and professional model). This is my opinion from personal experience, take notes ladies also I am not bashing anyone’s work; this is a guide to help you not waste time and money! What are your goals of becoming a model? Are you just trying it as a side hobby, or is it something that you are... 



Blogs para negócio ético — o que o visitante precisa inferir

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Naturalmente, este foco de revistas do joalheria é especialmente acima de tudo sobre questões por moda e negócios. Eles não podem fornecer bastante espaço para 1 pequeno movimento dentro da indústria para facilitar mudanças radicais meramente porque... 

Podstawy uruchamiania w celu uruchomienia produktu online

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Siec jest bardzo duzy i nieprzebrany. Pomysl na temat mozliwosciach, o ile jestes w stanie uzywac to w celu wlasnej zalety! Nieprawidlowe obroty moga sprawic do zgubienia twojej witryny, ale te wlasciwe pozostana w bedzie ciebie wesprzec finansowo. Oto istotne... 

Using The Internet To Market Direct selling Organization

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Now even more than any other time in background it is possible to appreciate the goal of being the owner of the own personal advise sales organization while like a mom. The internet opens many avenues that did not really can be found in our parents’ generation!... 


Met Joan Rivers

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In this photo you see me with Joan Rivers. I was booked to be on one of her shows Joan is beautiful,... read more

Ethos Fashion Show

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Ethos Fashion Show Avalon Theater in Hollywood October 15th 2013 I walked for the Designer Kristen D.... read more

Ten Website Design Methods for Small Business Webs ...

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Every single business, ciepo.com big or small, requires a specialist website these days. However , starting... read more

Have got A Profitable Business Offering up Interne ...

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Presently there are 1000s of online businesses supplying merchandise and providers meant for customers... read more

Revenue Promotion Ideas For Your Up coming Regular ...

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Are actually you the owner of a business who markets a item or a service to the general public? If you... read more

Mally Mal, Wiz Khalifa,Tyga and Marquise fresh

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In this photo you will see me sitting next to Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Carmen Electra, Mally Mall and Marquise... read more