Happy 52nd Anniversary to JAMAICA Independence

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[jwplayer mediaid="39777"] Happy 52nd Anniversary to JAMAICA Independence, you taught me a lot about morals, values and religion. I love our culture, food, music and the beautiful people. When I went to JA, my mother wanted me to see its true beauty not just the country side; such as Montego Bay but in Kingston where she and my father grew up. Kingston 11, Water House to be exact, it is the Ghetto but I have nothing but the utmost respect for it. When I have children I would love for them to know more about their Jamaican heritage. I would also like to buy a house in JA, by the beach. I would love... 

The Chronicles Of Becoming A Model

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Feature Image Photo credit LipstickAlley   I always have females writing me and asking, “How do I become a Model? So I am writing this Blog to answer all your questions. I call this “The Chronicles Of Becoming A Model” share it!!!! ( Facebook | Pinterest !) (Difference from being an amateur model and professional model). This is my opinion from personal experience, take notes ladies also I am not bashing anyone’s work; this is a guide to help you not waste time and money! What are your goals of becoming a model? Are you just trying it as a side hobby, or is it something that you are... 



Style Ambassador for Brunch Los Angeles

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On July 20th I was booked as a “Style Ambassador” for Ms. Dunnie O’s  Power Brunch LA. I had a great time and loved seeing familiar faces,( from fashions shows and videos that I’ve been in.) I wore my sexy Floral dress with my Black Suede Jeffrey Campbell... 

Promo Girl for Espy’s Pre-Party

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On July 15th, at the W Hotel in Hollywood my friend Jumoke from NYC booked me as a Promo Girl for the Espy’s Pre-Party sponsored by Punzone Alcohol. I booked two other friends of mine Alla and Fly to promote with me.  I had a great time networking and meeting... 

Miss City of Angels Pageant

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I competed in Miss City of Angels/Miss San Fernando Valley; the Pageant on May 31st in Northridge, CA. It was a great experience, I was not nervous at all. It was my first time not being nervous, I guess because I prepared myself. I want to do this Pageant because... 


Day 26 Concert

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In my life in there have also been many minor historical events from graduating high school, co- hosting... read more

Facet Fashion Week May 15th-17th 2014

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On May 15-18, I was booked to be a model for the Facet fashion show; it was a successful three day show,... read more

The Saleen Mustang Event in Beverly Hills

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On the date of April 12th 2014, I hosted the “Saleen” event in Beverly Hills. My Agent/ Friend... read more

Twenty Grand Cognac Commercial in Atlanta, Georgia

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In this photo you will see Director Jon, and Rapper Pule. We were making a commercial for a Cognac called... read more

Art Institute Portfolio Show

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I was one of  Brent Bryant’s Models for a Fashion show in North Hollywood.  It was amazing, I met... read more

Met Robin Thicke at BET Studios

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Location: New York City In this photo you see Robin Thicke and I. I met Robin last year at BET studios... read more