Art Institute Portfolio Show

I was one of  Brent Bryant’s Models for a Fashion show in North Hollywood.  It was amazing, I met so many people. I felt even better knowing my team  was there to support me. My photographer Mike  McPherson Jr and my Cameraman Charlie Rude. They recorded the show and captured me, I love those guys.  I am happy I met  Fashion designer Brent, he is so down to earth and a professional. He really cares about you and wants to see you win.  I wore his “Wide legged”piece,which hugged all my curves and the crowd seem to like it as well lol.  I loved my makeup done by Vanessa Ordonez she matched my skin tone very well, I wore a smokey eye, and red lipstick from MAC, I looked flawless. I am excited for my next show, there are so many opportunities coming my way and I am having fun building my team as my journey goes along. Please check out Brent, Vanessa, Mike and Charlie’s work. Here are their links they are posted at the bottom. Also below I added a few pics from the fashion show to share with all of you.



My Team


Brent Bryant


Vanessa Ordonez
Instagram: @Vvaanissshh


Mike McPherson Jr
Instagram: @Uniphotography


Charlie Rude


Me-Millie Reid
Instagram: iammilliereid

For more information about the Fashion show in North Hollywood or the next one coming go to




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