Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj – “Love More” Video Shoot

Location- Sound Nightclub in  Hollywood, CA

My fourth Video shoot in California, Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj – Love you more. I love that song. I was booked by E. Mills, I was debating on what to wear so I decided to wear a  black bodysuit (catsuit) and suede black heels that I bought from (the bodysuit  held all my curves very nicely.)  I loved how I did my hair I wore it natural brown and curly. I was trying something different. How do you like my new look?  Anyways so back to the shoot, I met  a lot of beautiful women, when I go to any event , video shoot, or audition;  I go for the experience, to network work and for the opportunity, you will never know who you will meet; it can change your life for ever.  It was great seeing Chris brown, he is a perfectionist and is very serious about his craft (directing his video.) He is very focused when it came to details he had a clear vision. He was also humble and seemed so approachable.  Nicki Minaj looks exactly like what you see on TV. She is bad,blessed and beyond beautiful.  It made me proud see people in my generation successful and winning. I left links at the bottom, check everyone out and keep up to date with us.

Chris Brown

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Nicki Minaj

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Me:Millie Reid

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