Day 26 Concert

In my life in there have also been many minor historical events from graduating high school, co- hosting a very big concert in Utica NY and being a semester away from Graduation College. These events not only affected me but, my town, school and family. The most recent event that will stick with me forever is when I co-hosted the Day 26 concert in Utica, NY.

It all started when I was a senior at Long Branch High school, deciding what I wanted to major in when I get to college. I decided that I would major in Sociology and minor in Communications TV/Radio. If my TV and Radio career becomes very success but there is a change of it failing, I would go back to school and get my masters in Sociology (social worker). In high school I hosted events such as the Pep rallies, dance shows, talent shows and made morning and afternoon announcements. Hosting all these events gave me the idea of how my career would be like.

In high school I was very popular everyone knew me from my peers, principals or people from around town. I was always acknowledged for the hosting I’ve done and my amazing personality. I people would always tell me how I do a great job and that they could see me on TV one day hosting a show or having my on show. When I graduate High school it affected a lot of people and me. My friends and close people in the town were sad and happy I was going away to school and that they weren’t going to see as much as did when I was in high school. I told them to not worry because I will be making everyone proud and they’ll be seeing on TV or when I come back to town from school. I kept my promise.

My transition from High school to college was fast and scary. I didn’t know where to go but I learned it’s not where you go it’s who you know. At Hartwick College I learned that there are many opportunities, from starting your own organization or making your own major. I used the opportunity to my advantage and made my own minor, Communication TV and radio. Having this for a minor meant I would have to make my schedule and participate in a lot of events.

My first event was the 2008 fair trade fashion show. The fashion show was to promote how sweatshops are bad and the brand named clothes we wear have been made by people that slave themselves over cloth and get paid very little for it when we spend hundreds of dollars. My job as a host was to acknowledge everyone on this problem and make them think about what they wear.  How I got book for my next show was through a friend of mine. I went to a school event; this event was a party (Pajama Jam). My friend invited a lot of his friends to the party. One friend in particular was promoting a concert that he was having which was the Day 26 concert. He was looking for a co-host so friend of mine told him that I hosted a show before and that he should ask me. The promoter Kevin asked me if I was interested in co hosting and I was more than glad to say yes.

Saying yes brought a lot of responsibly; I didn’t know how much work had to be put into the show. It was stressful for me but very stressful for Kevin, we had to write a script with three  weeks before for the show. The script had to be revised many times and did not have a never a final copy until the day of the show. Since the next week I was on spring break I was hours away from Kevin but that didn’t stop us from getting work done.  We were trying to build chemistry so on the stage it would look natural as if we knew each other forever.

My task was to learn my lines, promote the concert and get an outfit. The hardest task was finding a something to wear. I was very upset about that because I went home for spring break hoping I would have brought a nice shirt for the show but I came back to school without one. I looked all over in mall and stores around but I didn’t find anything that would have looked nice on the stage. The show date was getting very close and time was running out to get my shirt, but   finally got a shirt the night before the show. I also on the night before the show I had to rehearse and rehearse I wanted to be perfect and did not want to miss up while I’m on stage. I was a little nervous very anxious and couldn’t barely sleep because I was thinking about the concert. I have many good and bad thoughts running through my mind. I was worried that I would forget my lines, trip or even fall on stage.

The morning of the show, I woke up ready and excited. I had to be at the theater by 3:00 pm for a sound check. I had to get everything I packed my outfit shoes script and etc.  I had to make sure all my friends that were going with me had all their things packed and ready for the concert. We were running late because I kept anticipating wither I forgot to bring something. We left finally at 2:30p.m. even though we had to be at the theater by 3:00p.m. The theater was in Utica NY, which was an hour and 30 minutes away. I wasn’t going to make it on time for my sound check. We arrived at theater at 4:30pm and did not have time for sound check because they stage as occupied with the open performers. Missing the sound check made me more nervous because didn’t get a chance to use my microphone and go over lines. What made me relax and find my comfort zone were my excellent communications skills.  I got to speak to the three dance groups, the back stage helpers and Dj. Talking to them made me very happy because I less nervous and ready for the concert start. The show was supposed to start at 8pm but unfortunately, a member of Day 26 lost his clothes for the show so the show started late. We started the show at 8:30pm so that meant we had to rush the skits and the dance teams.

Waiting behind the curtain waiting for Kevin to introduce me, the adrenalin rush made we very excited. He called me out on to the stage I felt very confident and that did justice because a crowd of 3,000 fans interacted with me. I was so proud of myself because I did a phenomenal job. After the show I was told by my sister, friends and fans told me how I did I great job and that they are very proud of me. When I can back to Hartwick my peers and professors  how they are proud of me and that I have a very bright future. My sister uploaded the pictures and videos of me at the show on facebook ( networking data base). The next had over 15 friend request, 20 messages and 30 comments on my profile. My family and friends from back in high school was very happy and they all were very proud of the great job I did. My principal and teachers from high school found out and was very proud and cant wait till I become that star they know I always wanted to be.

In my life in particular there have also been many minor historical events from graduating high school, to be a semester away from graduating college to co- hosting a very big concert in Utica NY. These events not only affected me but, my town, school and family. The Day 26 concert gave me a lot of recognition. It affected me in a good way, it did not only boast my resume it also helped me with my communication skills. It helped my family and   friends see my passion for my career in hosting. It also inspired everyone that looked up to me in high school and everyone that knew me. Co hosting has made me stop and evaluate the world around me. It made me think of accomplishing my career would help my family and me financially and mentally. This makes me one step closer to my dream of becoming a TV host.




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