Louis 13 de Remy Martin Launch

In this photo you see my good friend Negin and I. Negin invited me to  one of her good friends Bret Lockett (he plays football for the New York Jets). When I met Bret he was very approachable, very nice and he has an outgoing personality.  The event “Louis 13 de Remy Martin Private Launch Party” was located in Beverly Hills. The event started at 8p.m., Bret  was one of the host for the night.  Even though it was a small intimate scene about about 20 people were there, I felt honored being in the presence of history and people of a higher calibre. After the presentation and history of Louis 13, we the guest had a shot of the cognac. Since it was my birthday I got to open the expensive cognac bottle and get the first glass. The bottle was about $2500, WOW !!!! yeah I know, this birthday I will remember for the rest of my life. I left my friends information at the bottom. Also, I added a few pics from the event to share with all of you.






Instagram: @Negin_naz1


Bret Lockett

Instagram: @BretLockett

Twitter: @Bretlockett26

For more information about the Louis 13 de Remy Martin Launch. visit http://www.louisxiii-cognac.com/


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