SOSU/BU Formal

Location: Oneonta, NY

Date: May 2011

In this photo shows one of my good friends from college Brandon Triche. He played basketball for Syracuse University 2009-2013 and was drafted to the Charlotte Bobcats this year . He was my date for my SOSU/BU Formal in May 2011, he looked so handsome. I swear when he got to Hartwick that weekend everyone at was star struck, “Is that Brandon Triche?” As we worked out in the Lambros Area, (the retired coach from our basketball team kept asking him questions about his season etc.  I’m like where did you come from? As we are eating the commons he is getting stared down by people, and on facebook people who didn’t even know me on campus were leaving me messages asking to meet him.  It got so annoying. It’s probably because a lot of people from upstate NY are Syracuse Basketball fans (LOL .)Anyways, Brandon is very down to earth, he is funny, charismatic and has the ambition to make it big and he will. Also, Ladies he is single and love Big Booties. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. I left his info below.


Friend:Brandon Triche

Instagram: @20TricheSU



Me: Millie Reid

Instagram: IamMilliereid

Twitter: @iammillieireid

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